Validate a Fist full of Hits from CRISPR-Screens, RNA-Seq, Mass-Spec, CLIP...

Request your custom set of siPOOLs for rapid and reliable hit validation

  • Select 10 - 40 target Genes 
  • Receive Complex Pools of 30 siRNAs for each target Gene
  • Promotional Benefits increase with size of Validation Library
Fist full of genes (2)

siPOOLs Benefits

  • Get maximum knockdown for your target with the first pool ➡️  avoids tedious siRNA optimization

  • Get maximum specificity  ➡️  
    seed-based off-target effects fade out in complex siRNA pools

  • Get drug-like effects  ➡️ 
     RNAi acts fast, transient, and penetrant like a drug
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Exceptional gene silencing

siPOOLs (siRNA pools) are high complexity pools of 30 optimally selected siRNAs designed to specifically knock-down the target gene of your choice.