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On-Target RNAi Screening

siPOOL human kinase library

siPOOL 505 human kinase library - an image of a 384 well plate and the kinome

  • siRNA (siPOOL) library that targets 505 classical human protein kinases, custom extensions possible
  • Provided in 96/384-well plates or 2D barcoded tubes, lyophilized or in solution
  • 0.1-1 nmol scales
  • Plate arraying service available

Reliable RNAi screening results 

The exceptional gene targeting specificity and high gene knockdown efficiency of siPOOLs:
  • reduces risk of false positives
  • improves detection of true hits
  • simplifies data analysis

Easy application, fast results, low costs

  • one reagent per gene avoids inefficient and costly siRNA deconvolution
  • easy transfection without need for engineered cells minimizes setup time
  • results obtained in days not months

Supporting Data

Highly specific gene knockdown

Genome expression profiles of single siRNA vs siPOOL

At 3 nM in HeLa cells, a single siRNA produces numerous off-target effects as assayed by genome expression profiling.The same siRNA administered in a siPOOL dramatically reduces off targets while maintaining on-target gene knockdown. 

Efficient gene knockdown at low nM concentrations

Gene knockdown efficiencies in standard cell lines at 1-3 nM siPOOL human kinase library

At 1-3 nM siPOOL concentrations in standard cell lines,  71 of 83 (86%) siPOOLs tested from the human kinase library produced ≥ 70% gene knockdown.
  • high throughput screening tool for target identification in drug discovery
  • functional screening of kinase/pathway involvement in relevant biological processes
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