siPOOL Cancer Toolbox

Manipulate Multiple Cancer Pathways Quickly and Reliably

Cancer genes function in a dizzying array of cross-interacting, functionally redundant pathways. Several studies have shown that combined disruption of two or more genes is key to unveiling relevant phenotypes1,2. Yet scientists often lack the ability to manipulate more than one pathway, citing costs and setup time as major limiting factors.  

The siPOOL Cancer Toolbox is a collection of 10 or more siPOOLs (complex, defined siRNA pools) against human genes well-established to function as key nodes in cancer effector pathways. Affordable, easy-to-apply and suited for combinatorial silencing of multiple genes/pathways, the siPOOL cancer toolbox provides a powerful arsenal for gene disruption in cancer research.

Choose from our pre-defined list of 100 top cancer genes and extend the toolbox with your custom selection of targets.

Latest News! siPOOLs from the cancer toolbox can now be purchased individually at the 2 nmol scale. 

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Key Benefits

Quick and reliable loss-of-function phenotypes: siPOOLs are easily applied across cell lines and produce effects within days. The established targeting specificity of siPOOLs ensures reliable results.

Ideal for combinatorial silencing of multiple genes or isoforms: The low working concentration of siPOOLs encourages its combined use with low risk of toxicity. Study functional interactions, target multiple isoforms, or disrupt several pathways at once.

Guaranteed gene silencing: All siPOOLs are guaranteed to silence target genes by ≥ 70% under optimal transfection conditions at 10 nM. A free siPOOL re-design, validation and delivery will be made if this condition is not met.

Flexible choice: Choose your own siPOOLs against 100 of the most highly cited cancer genes. Extend the cancer toolbox with your own special target genes.

Target the top 100 cancer genes

With 46 established oncogenes/tumour suppressors, the top 100 cancer genes are implicated in diverse processes ranging from DNA repair, immune responses and cell cycle control.

siTOOLs Biotech Top 100 Cancer Genes

Data with siPOOLs - Multiple gene silencing reveals functional interactions

Welsbie et al Multi gene targeting with siPOOLs

Survival assay of retinal ganglion cells demonstrated synergistic gene interactions elucidated by combinatorial application of siPOOLs. Up to four genes were silenced simultaneously with siPOOLs, generating phenotypes that were validated by an orthogonal CRISPR knock-out approach (Data from Welsbie et al., Neuron 20163).

Data with siPOOLs - Efficient gene silencing at low nanomolar concentrations

siPOOL cancer toolbos gene silencing efficiency by rtqpcr

In-house data showing real-time quantitative PCR analysis of the top 20 cancer genes after siPOOL application at 1 nM in standard cell lines (A549, MCF7, HEK293).

“Having tested over 75,000 siRNA sequences, it is quite apparent that off-target effects dominate siRNA-mediated phenotypes. In contrast, in our hands, siPOOLs have much greater predictive power in that phenotypes we see with these (and we have tested approximately 15) can be reproduced using cells containing conventional knockouts for the same genes. We now routinely use siPOOLs and are moving away from single siRNAs.”

Derek Welsbie - siTOOLs Customer

Derek S. Welsbie, M.D., Ph.D.

Assistant Professor

University of California, San Diego

California, USA

“siPOOLs are highly target-specific and show an efficient knockdown of the target already in the range of low nanomolar concentrations. Another advantage of siPOOLs is that they are able to distinguish very specifically between highly homologous transcript sequences. We are very happy with those siPOOLs, which helped to avoid waste of time and costs within the drug discovery process by producing reliable data.”

Mona Malz - siTOOLs customer

Mona Malz Ph.D. rer. nat.

Senior Scientist

German Cancer Research Center (DKFZ) – Cancer Drug Development

Heidelberg, Germany

More Information

The siPOOL Cancer Toolbox is available from 1 - 10 nmol scales in two formats:

Basic siPOOL Cancer Toolbox contains 10-19 siPOOLs
Extended siPOOL Cancer Toolbox contains ≥ 20 siPOOLs

Custom gene extensions are possible.

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