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siPOOL Cancer Toolbox

siPOOL Cancer Toolbox

  • Includes 10 or more siPOOLs against cancer-relevant genes
  • affordable and flexible research solution
  • pre-validated for guaranteed knockdown
  • 1-10 nmol scales

Choose your target genes from siTOOL’s list of 100 cancer-relevant genes.
These genes are most highly cited across multiple cancer subtypes.
siTOOL's top 100 cancer genes - PubMed Citations

siTOOLs top 20 cancer genes and their cancer subtype association

  • flexibly manipulate numerous cancer-associated pathways (e.g. DNA repair, immune response)
  • combine siPOOLs for multi-gene knockdown to explore functional interactions (e.g. synthetic lethality)
  • multiplex with drugs to validate drug target

View siTOOL's top 100 cancer gene list: