rRNA Depletion Kits for Ribosome Profiling (Ribo-Seq)

Our Ribo-Seq riboPOOLs are specifically designed to deplete rRNAs from Ribo-Seq samples and significantly increase RPFs reads mapping rates.

Ribodepletion kits for a variety of species

riboPOOLs are available as kits or stand-alone probes for 6 (trial kit*), 12, 24 and 96 reactions.

If you can't find your species of interest request a custom riboPOOL. Leave us a message below. 



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Human Ribo-Seq riboPOOL Performance

Figure 1a. Proportion of reads mapping to rRNA, tRNA, mRNA and other RNAs in HEK293T samples non-depleted (left) and depleted with Human Ribo-Seq riboPOOL (right).


riboPOOL kits include:

riboPOOL probe, streptavidin-coated magnetic beads, buffers, and RNA-clean up reagents.

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Single-species riboPOOLs 

Single-species riboPOOLs are available for well-studied and lesser-known species (e.g. E. coli, A. thaliana or Schmidtea mediterranea); and are specifically designed based on the species' rRNA to target both conserved and non-conserved regions.


Pan-riboPOOLs for multiple species

The Pan-riboPOOLs are a versatile rRNA depletion solution that allows for simple mono- and multitranscriptomic studies using a single-step rRNA depletion for a phylogenetic group (e.g., bacteria, fungi, or mammals).


Combination riboPOOLs

Combination riboPOOLs allow to combine up to 4 of any riboPOOL available in our portfolio. Combination riboPOOLs are recommended anytime there is the need to deplete rRNAs originating from multiple and taxonomically distant species