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For siPOOLs

Reaction numbers depend on transfection efficiencies and well/plate format used, please refer to our FAQ section or siPOOL transfection protocol for more details.

For riboPOOLs

riboPOOLs are available as probes alone or complete kits. Select your order format and scale accordingly.

For raPOOLs

Reaction numbers are calculated with recommended use of 100 pmol of raPOOL per reaction.

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For siPOOLs

Our standard Negative control siPOOL is recommended to accompany any siPOOL experiment. Positive control siPOOLs are validated siPOOLs that produce defined characteristics when introduced into cells, and are recommended to confirm successful transfection.

For raPOOLs

Negative control raPOOL against E. coli LacZ may be used in RNA affinity purification experiments in mammalian systems as a control for non-specific binding.

Positive control raPOOL against human MALAT1 has been previously validated to successfully enrich published protein and DNA targets and may be used to confirm successful RNA affinity purification. See FAQ for more info.

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