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Overview of siTOOLs Biotech RNA reagents 


riboPOOL Kits

riboPOOLs can be purchased as a full rRNA depletion kit.

The riboPOOL kit includs all reagents for rRNA depletion (streptavidin-coated magnetic beads, tube & buffers)


riboPOOL probes

riboPOOLs can be purchased as probes outside of the riboPOOL kit.

The riboPOOL probes will be shipped with RNase-free water for safe resuspension.


siPOOLs & siPOOL kits

siPOOLs, short for siRNA pools, can be purchased as siPOOL kit or as gene-specific siPOOLs.

The siPOOL kit includes a gene-specific siPOOL and a negative control.

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